Must Have Tools #1: Flux

Must Have Tools #1: Flux

So here on the DDT blog, we decided to write a series on useful tools and applications that make life a little bit easier for web developers and designers in general. In our line of work, we often find ourselves in front of the computer for hours on end. So to kick off this series, though this application is not strictly a developer tool or a code base, it will save you from eyestrain and the disruption of your normal sleeping patterns.


Flux UI

The Flux UI.

Flux was developed by Michael and Lorna Herf. It uses your geographical coordinates to adjust the color temperature of your computer display based on your time zone. Studies show that reading on your smartphone in the dark strains your eyes and inhibit the production of melatonin – the hormone largely responsible for the regulation of sleep and wake cycles. What Flux does is use warmer colors at night (starting at sunset) so you won’t have to suffer the glare of brightly lit screen.

The Tale of Flux and The Millenial

I’ve used Flux for a couple of months now at the suggestion of my well-meaning boss Andrew. It all started when I noticed that my left eye wasn’t focusing properly. Like the typical millennial, I Googled my symptoms and crowdsourced the nature of my ailment to my network of friends. I knew I was due for my annual eye exam but it was just different. Answers ranged from the hyperopia to an aneurysm. But my best friend who works as a nurse in an eye clinic told me that it was just plain old eye strain. Apparently, when we work on a computer or read, we blink less than if we weren’t. She suggested rest.

Using Flux was weird at first, I could notice when the colors would change especially in the early mornings when I had to work. The transition from a cool white to amber was annoying. I disabled it at first because I thought it would mess up my design work, especially that I was working with colors that day. Little did I know that Flux starts up automatically when you boot and after a while I got used to the change. Speaking from my own experience, I haven’t had a re-occurrence.

You can download Flux here and begin to see the light.

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