Mobilegeddon is coming! Is your website ready?

Mobilegeddon is coming! Is your website ready?

In a recent blog post, Google announced an update to their search algorithms that will drastically alter the internet as we know it.

The search giant has urged developers to create mobile websites for years, they don’t care how you do it (dedicated app, mobile redirect or media screens), they just want you to. In lieu of this, they will update their search algorithms to serve results that cater to mobiles. And with good reason as studies have shown that 60% of searches are now performed on mobile devices.

The Threat is Real

Now you may think we’re over-reacting, or adding hype on a potential non-problem because truthfully, we still do not have quantifiable data on how big the impact is going to be.

But Google is already capitalizing on mobile traffic on indexed app users. Should Google deliver on this – and they will, non mobile-ready websites will suffer search visibility, which will in turn reduce traffic.

What does this mean?!

Well, on the internet, visibility is everything. Why do you think black hat SEO was all the rage a couple of years ago? The ramifications of not showing up on search (or ranking very low on search)  is tantamount to loss of potential income, potential customers, publicity and all that.

Why wasn’t I informed sooner?

Any web developer worth his salt must’ve advised you to go responsive at some point in the development process. But if you created your site, say 3-5 years ago, then an update is long overdue.

When exactly is the mobilegeddon happening?

Google says April 21st.

How do I know if my website is mobile ready?

Well, your web developer may have gone above and beyond and secretly embedded some magical codes that will somehow render your website beautifully on smaller screens.

You can do the Mobile Friendly Test and find out for yourself. This is what it looks like:


drewdrewthis-mobile ready test image


We passed!

And so should you.

– If you pass, then by all means call up that developer, thank him profusely and buy him a coffee.

– If you didn’t, then don’t panic. We are more than happy to help. Shoot an email to explaining your predicament and we’ll be more than willing to help you get through Mobilegeddon unscathed!

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