Websites. Flyers. Social Media. Email Marketing. Business Strategy.

Your business needs it all, and we’ve got all the solutions you need.


What we do

We create tailored solutions for our clients. From big companies to mom and pop shops, from artists to life coaches, our company helps define and attain success for you.

Why we do it

We are passionate about tomorrow’s possibilities. Each of us here at DrewDrewThis are creative individuals who have immersed ourselves in the tools and technology that are pushing our world forward. We want to share our skills and abilities with you and your business; we want you to succeed, but more importantly, we know the formulas for success.

How we do it

Through beautiful design, carefully crafted strategies, and an arsenal of digital technology know-how. We identify what success looks like for each of our clients, and then we build that success for them through digital media, social media, and digital marketing expertise.

We give our clients the competitive edge they need

Business strategy, branding, marketing, creative content, design and cutting-edge technology (“magic”).

Meet the Team

There is no project too big for our qualified team of experts. Whatever your business needs, we’ve got a solution for you.

Drew Garde Joia

Drew Garde Joia

Founder, Lead Magician

Andrew loves to help small businesses grow and succeed. Whether by creating a strategy, doing online marketing, or building a web presence.

Nicole Merced

Nicole Merced

Web Genie

Nicole is all about being creative and thinking outside the box. She’s takes our design thinking methodology to the next step, by collaborating in every aspect of the projects we manage.

“Drew Garde Joia is a problem solver who is quick on his feet and receptive to client feedback. He went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver exactly what I wanted.”

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Carly Sioux

Photographer, Carly Sioux Photography

“Drew was highly attuned to the needs of our business in developing our graphic presentation and web site. He listened carefully to our objectives and preferences and presented us with a draft that suited our needs perfectly… I cannot recommend his services highly enough.”

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Scott K.

Real Estate Mogul, Cleveland Housing Solutions

“Drew was so easy to work with, he went above and beyond my every expectation. He is the “full package” and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional to help with with web design.”

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Nelson G.

Founder and CEO, EON Capital, Inc.

“Drew is a true Maestro in every sense of the word.  Rarely have I seen such a combination of talents: strategic, creative, visionary, and exceptional at details. Not only is Drew extraordinarily capable in the digital realm, but he can help you develop a compelling vision for your brand.

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Megan Kent

Founder and CEO, Megan Kent Branding Group